Wonderous whisky x 2

A little behind Shedule but they’re finally here. The Sipping Shed is proud to present 2 exquisite whiskies, each with a unique tale to tell.

Ardmore 12 PX finish

First in the spotlight is our long awaited and final release in our Ardmore trilogy, all born from a single ex-bourbon cask. This expression is finished in a Perdro Ximenez sherry octave for a year after being taken from  said ex-bourbon cask when we bottled the bourbon version last year. Add to that the youngest sibling that jumped casks at age 7 to spend 2 years in an oloroso octave. 3 whiskies, different in age and finish but all from cask 1313/2009.

Taste wise: Sunset on the farm, sitting on a haybale, eating bacon frazzles next to a warm tractor while sausages sizzle over a barbecue with pine woodchips thrown over the coals. Add a dinky slice of Christmas cake and we’re there.

Look, tasting notes aren’t easy and it’s very difficult not to sound like you’ve got a Shed up your backside so please do humour me. I’m trying…

Aultmore 11 refill sherry cask

Joining in on the fun is our fabulous 11 year old from Aultmore distillery. After the cask Shed 60% of it’s contents during an unnoticed and completely unauthorised leak, the remaining whisky matured much faster due to the change in contact ratios twixt whisky and wood.

The result is a rich and well sherried whisky, with weight and depth from the distillate which adds a lovely mineral note and some dried heather to balance the sweetness. Punchy at 61.3% abv so add a drop of water to get the best out of this.


Wrapped up snug and warm, arm in arm, strolling through a German Christmas market with aromas of orange pomanders, toasted sugared nuts, decadent chocolates and fruity booze, dancing in harmony on the fresh winter air.

Yeah, I didn’t know what a pomander was until today either but I though there must be a better way of saying orange with spices pushed into it so it looks a bit like a hedgehog, so I googled it. Boom! Pomander.

Two absolute beauties for you and quite different so you’ll want both!

There’s low stock on our website as we’ve sent some out to our merry band of retailers too – be patient to give them all a chance to get the whisky on the shelves:

Tyndrum Whisky

Top Whiskies

The Little Whisky Shop


And a couple more to come…

And of course from ourselves at The Sipping Shed

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