We aim to be as transparent as new make spirit and tell you everything. That’s not to say we’re going to give away commercial secrets or such like and there is such a thing as ‘too much information’ (doc say’s it’ll clear up if I apply the cream twice daily) but we’ll tell you stuff we think you ought to know. Mistakes and geeky stuff mainly. So strap in folks, for some mind blowing revelations…

Tricksy Blair Athol

First of all our Blair Athol 11 year old released in 2020 is under scrutiny. The juice is fine so we can all relax a little but before you get too comfortable consider this; the box says it’s from a bourbon cask and the bottle a refill sherry cask. Which is it? It can’t be both so who’s lying?

Look. If this is getting too hot to handle then you may want to back out now before it heats up even more. This is red hot content so if you can’t stand the heat… You have been warned.

Anyway. The bourbon cask statement was a typo or rather we forgot to update the cask type when re-using the label template. At least 3 pairs of eye missed but mainly mine and I just implicate the other two pairs to help carry the burden. This red hot fact doesn’t impact the awesomeness of the whisky and you could claim it’s a mark of authenticity should someone try to forge a cardboard box and it’s label but mess it up by correctly describing the contents. Could be a thing in a hundred years. Could be. Now, your great grand kids, armed with nothing more than the truth, can expose the forgery of the then priceless cardboard box. Regaling the tale of proofing incompetence and an unwillingness to redo the printing (because I’d already applied the labels to the boxes alright? Jeez!).

Out of the frying pan…

As if we weren’t already courting controversy with this bottling of Blair Athol it appears some shifty business practices may be at work. There are definitely 12 more bottles in the warehouse than it states on our website!

Alright, pipe down everyone, I’m telling you now aren’t I?

This isn’t some way of making it look like it’s selling out quicker than it is in an attempt to generate a bit of FOMO*. Essentially we’re holding 12 bottles back until we release the second half of this cask. Those 12 bottles will be sold along side the second release with some split into smaller samples for more people to try. I simply don’t know how to put the full total on my website but stop the last 12 being available. Get in touch if you know ( So before you go wild and accuse us of brainwashing mainland UK** it nothing to do with that. The simple fact is, and I’ll be brutally honest, I just find the highly customised themes on our website really hard to manage. Boom. Another devastating fact bomb that’s probably left you reeling. Apologies. The truth can hurt.

So there you have it. A glimpse behind the curtain here at Shed Quarters. And what a whirlwind ride it was. Now grab a dram and try to calm the nerves a little. It’s been a long day and I’ve hit you with some pretty big stuff.

Us? We’ll be okay – we’re used to the scintillating daily drama that The Sipping Shed throws up every day.

Stay safe everyone.

*FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out. I fear you must have missed out on the memo…

** Brainwashing in other parts of Europe can be arranged, however additional customs and excise charges may apply

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