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News Shedlines April 2022…

As well as taking a keen interest in World Tapir Day we’ve been busy getting a new bottling ready for you all.

Autlmore 11 year old batch 2 is now live on our website and you’re the first to know.

You can go straight to our shop and get yours here, or read on for some splendid waffle…

Distilled at Aultmore distillery in 2010 and aged for 11 years in a brilliant but all too frail refill sherry cask.

If you know the story of this cask, you’ll know it leaked. A lot. We lost over 60%. We didn’t find out until the bottling team told us that we had 77 bottles and the rest had been returned to cask. We’d asked for a half cask bottling, thinking this would be 150 odd bottles so we we’re a tad upset about this unwelcome news. It would appear the famous* Beast of Foggy Moss had taken a bite out of our cask, puncturing the wood with it’s razor sharp teeth.

Returning just 54 litres to the cask, a refill sherry hogshead, means processes are essentially accelerated. There’s more oxidisation due to the volume of air and surface area exposed and that works for the wood too so it’s picking up cask characteristics at a faster pace. Thus, to ensure it’s not an over sherried oaky mess we felt we should bottle the rest. However, to mix things up a bit we bottled at 48.5%. That might not sound like the most audacious thing to do but, along with our accelerated maturation, it has had a profound impact.

The result is a whisky that’s easy to approach, has super clean sherry notes – not heavy and thick but precise and clean if that makes any sense – and displays much more of the Aultmore spirit than it’s sibling. There’s more of the heather notes and a funky smoke element emerging. The minerality is there too and the 48.5% abv drinking strength retains the body and depth whilst making it much more accessible. It’s very obviously our casks of Aultmore but this has a real point of difference about it as the sprit and the cask are better integrated here.

The lower drinking strength also allows us to offer more and for less! It’s still super limited – 89 bottles in total – but it also means we can price it more keenly.

So, grab yours while you can.

Limited stock is going to:

Gauntleys of Nottingham, Top Whiskies, Tyndrum whisky with more to be added soon…

Of course, you can get it directly from Shed Quarters and that’s a big help to us too so click here and get involved.

Don’t forget to have a look at the rest of our blog, Shed Time Stories, which explores the sillier side of whisky and our support for World Tapir Day – click here for more.


*Made up.

Here’s a nice pic that a combination of WordPress and my incompetence wouldn’t let me do anything decent with:

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